Nykhor Paul Stands Up for Black Models

Sudanese Model Nykhor Paul stands up against oppression Of Blacks. Nykhor Paul—a South Sudanese model who has graced the campaigns of Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, Diane von Furstenburg and many others—recently took to Instagram to give the fashion industry a piece of her mind about the “ratchet” ways in which dark-brown models are treated in the … More Nykhor Paul Stands Up for Black Models

Colorism is Alive, but Instagram User Jazmine (@vangoghoe) Is Showing Who’s Boss

As co-owners of this blog, we love each and every one no matter what race, ethnicity, or cultural background. Although this blog was built on the intent for making a blog to initiate a movement with the statement that Black Girls Do Matter, and that we shouldn’t be undermined, we know that there are others who experience … More Colorism is Alive, but Instagram User Jazmine (@vangoghoe) Is Showing Who’s Boss

“What Kind of Black Person Are You?!”

“How are you even black? What kind of black person are you?” The taunting questions begin to arise. “You’re the whitest black person I’ve ever seen.” “I think she’s secretly white.” “LOL, right though?” “How do you not know that song? We literally need to school you.” Part of me wants to scream “STOP! Your … More “What Kind of Black Person Are You?!”

Weird Hybrid Thing

So the other day my mom called me and my siblings weird hybrid things. She didn’t mean it as an insult because its true and there honestly isn’t any other way to explain it. What she meant is that both of my parents are from the hood. They were born and raised there and my … More Weird Hybrid Thing

I Like Box Braids, but Box Braids Don’t Like Me

I like box braids—I sincerely do—but it’s always a love–hate relationship whenever I get them. I have been braiding my hair since the fifth grade, and the first time I ever got it was a *:・゚✧*:magical time. *:・゚✧ However, it took a while before I could actually get the chance to do my hair for … More I Like Box Braids, but Box Braids Don’t Like Me

Why I Hate My Hair

Growing up, I was surrounded by white kids because I went to private school, which made me notice how different I was from them. Besides the obvious, there were little things. One of the things I noticed the most was my hair. I’ve always been jealous of other races hair. I wished that my hair was … More Why I Hate My Hair

Nicki vs. Taylor

Ok so I know this was a couple of weeks ago but can we talk about the beef between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift? Nicki, one of the most influential black women of our time decided to question why Anaconda wasn’t nominated for Video of the Year. Like first of all, that video was bomb … More Nicki vs. Taylor